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Peregrine Falcons Removed from IL Endangered List

Peregrine Falcons have their share of claims to fame—with a diving speed of over 200 miles per hour, they’re the fastest animals in the world, and they’ve adapted from living on rocky cliffs to a different kind of “mountain”: Chicago’s skyscrapers.  But in 1951, there were none left in Illinois, and it looked as if the species would be wiped out of North America entirely. Today, thanks largely to the Chicago Peregrine Program headed by The Field Museum’s Mary Hennen, Peregrines are flourishing to the point that they’re no longer in immediate danger.

Voices of Conservation - Viva Yeboah

Viva Yeboah is the Founder of Outdoor Afro Chicago. Born in Georgia and a DePaul graduate in Accounting, a younger Viva Yeboah wouldn't have believed that playing such a huge part in Chicago’s conservation field would be in her future. However, her chapter of Outdoor Afro has changed the outdoor recreation world and challenges the belief that people of color don't partake in the environment and its conservation.

Voices of Conservation - Maritza Rocha

“There is money being spent on preventing kids to get pregnant or not involved in gangs but there’s no money being used to help them reconnect with the surroundings that have created them.”  Dedicated to making sure Pilsen's children have a healthy environment, Maritza Rocha is the Director of Youth Services at Mujeres Latinas en Accion.  A native of Chicago, she grew up in the Pilsen, the lower Westside, and Bridgeport. She attended DePaul University, intending on becoming a lawyer, but the need to bring knowledge to her people was much stronger.

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