Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact

What happens when cultures collide and people are able to trade, interact, and influence each other like never before?

View of Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact exhibition, showing a large panel reading "When societies interact, people move."

Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact features an impressive array of Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and Etruscan objects and dives into a time when borders opened and civilizations began to interact. This unprecedented movement led to trade, travel, and the exchange of ideas across seas and continents, fueling innovation and adoption in the arts, religion, language, and writing.

Featuring over 100 objects in stone, ceramic, gold, glass, and bronze, along with a suite of media pieces and digital interactives, this exhibition uses parallels from contemporary culture to show that when cultures come in contact objects, people, and ideas are all set in motion.


  • Gallery Requirements: 6,000 sq ft (560 m2)
  • Shipping: One-way, inbound, paid by host venue (international arrangements vary)
  • Language: All text in English; language may be converted by international host venues