Attention New Field Museum Members


Attention New Field Museum Members!

On behalf of the Membership Department, we wanted to take a moment and thank you again for joining with us as a member at  The Field Museum! We are truly excited to have you as members and hope you plan to come see us to explore and discover.

If you recently joined, June and/or July 2012, and have not received your cards yet, we apologize for the delay in receiving your membership cards and welcome packets. Please know that our data team is diligently working to get your membership applications processed to get your membership cards and welcome packets out as soon as possible.

If you would like to use your membership benefits with us at The Field Museum or at a reciprocal institution from the ASTC Travel Passport Program, please feel free to do so with your temporary card or online form with your tracking code and a photo ID.

Your membership packet will arrive soon and again we apologize for the delay. Thank you again for joining with us!


Extreme Mammals is now open!!

Explore the surprising and sometimes bizarre world of Extreme Mammals—the biggest, smallest, and most amazing of all time! Inspect oversized claws, massive fangs, extraordinary snouts, astounding horns, and other traits that make these creatures truly remarkable, and discover how we might be the most extreme mammal of them all, only at The Field Museum.

Reserve your tickets for Extreme Mammals now!