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Administrator of the US Office of the American Research Center in Sofia
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In 2001 I obtained my Master's Degree in Balkan Studies from the University of Veliko Turnovo "Saints Cyril and Methodious", Bulgaria.  The focus of my current work is the ethnology of socialism and post-socialism in Bulgaria, and I work mainly with oral stories and biographies. I obtained my Ph.D. in December 2012 from the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. My dissertation is entitled, “Biographic Narratives of Everyday Life in a Socialist Town: A Case Study of Rousse, Bulgaria." The work explores narratives containing memories of everyday life in Rousse during socialism, and it presents an oral history profile of the town. By bringing together different life experiences and assessments of the past, it achieves a synthesis of the epoch and challenges the poles of acceptance or rejection of the socialist past.

From 2009 until the summer of 2013, I worked in the Anthropology Department at The Field Museum in Chicago as the Administrative Assistant for the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) Archaeological & Anthropological Grant Opportunities in Bulgaria (AAGOB) program. 
I assisted Dr. William Parkinson with the organization, implementation, and management of grants that aim to develop archaeological research and museum enhancement in Bulgaria. Along with these responsibilities for ABF, I also performed general administrative tasks for the main office in the Anthropology Department.

On August 15, 2013, I became the new Administrator of the US office of the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS). ARCS is a non-profit research organization, consisting of a consortium of US-based institutions of higher learning that are dedicated to training graduate students and facilitating scholarly communication between North America, Bulgaria, and the neighboring region. My administrative responsibilities include overseeing the financial operations of the US office, preparing grants and reports, managing public relations and human resources, communicating with representatives of member institutions, organizing events, fundraising, and providing assistance to the Board of Trustees.