Beginning the Adventure

The summer of 2011 marks an exciting period of exploration. I have stepped out of the classroom and into the science lab. I matriculated into the prestigious DNA Educator Residency held at the DNA Discovery Center at the Field Museum. Here I will work with a research team of scientists and interns to contribute to current studies on evolutionary biology and genetics.

The DNA Discovery Center is a unique facet of the Museum. Inspired by the transparency of a fishbowl, the exhibit seeks to transcend boundaries and communicate scientific discovery with the Chicagoland community. The public finally has the opportunity to peer into the ivory tower and observe the magic behind recent scientific breakthroughs, like the human genome project.

Dr. Kevin Feldheim, Dr. Shannon Hackett, and Erica Zahnle pioneer the novel public persona of the lab by hosting the "Talk with a Scientist Hour". At 11 each day, the scientists don a headset and encourage the public to ask any questions that come to mind while watching the work in the lab.