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I am a Staff Scientist in the Zoology Department, Bird Division and am working on The Field Museum's Emerging Pathogens Project. My research program focuses on three main areas: 1) avian and parasite phylogenetics, comparative biology and evolutionary history, 2) coevolutionary history of birds and their parasites, and 3) biodiversity surveys of avian parasites and pathogens. In particular much of my work has focused on examining the factors that promote the processes of diversification and speciation at both the microevolutionary and macroevolutionary levels. I principally use birds and their parasites as my model system and I have addressed evolutionary questions about host-parasite coevolution, host-switching, mimicry, avian hybridization, geographic variation, and population genetic structure.

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Website for "Southern Amazonian birds and their symbionts: Biodiversity and endemicity of parasites from the most diverse avifauna on Earth" Project

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