Calumet Photographic Dispatches July 2012

Photos of the month highlighting discoveries and happenings in the region


Sun tea refreshes during the hot summertime temperatures.




7.13.12  Sand Ridge Nature Center

Jessica Canas, Ford Environmental Leadership Internship coordinator, investigates a Cecropia moth, or Hyalophora cecropia, along with the museum's 2012 summer interns.

7.12.12 Hegewisch Marsh, Photos by Ford Environmental Leadership Interns

A milkweek plant is host to a Tetraopes tetrophthalmus, commonly called a red milkweed beetle. The beetle gets its common name from the plant, whose toxins are incorporated into the beetle's body and offers a measure of protection from predators.

Many hands-on discoveries... among them a piece of slag, the waste material left behind after years of steelmaking in the region.

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