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Curator Emeritus, Insects
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Thayer is a retired curator in the Division of Insects in the Field Museum's Zoology Department, where she conducts specimen-based research on rove beetles (Staphylinidae) and continues to work in the collection of over 12 million specimens and lots of insects and other arthropods. 

Margaret is particularly interested in the evolution, biogeography, and biology of rove beetles of the Austral region: Australia, New Zealand, southern South America, and South Africa and has also worked extensively with the North American fauna. Her systematic research is based mainly on study of morphological features, but she collaborates with colleagues on research using molecular (DNA sequence) data to help understand the evolution of rove beetles and their relatives.  Field work is an essential part of her research program that she enjoys tremendously, and she has done field work in the United States and nine other countries.