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My research focuses on dinosaurian evolutionary history with a particular emphasis on the clades Ceratopsia (the horned dinosaurs) and Theropoda (carnivorous dinosaurs including birds). While much of my research has been dedicated to field-work driven documentation of dinosaur biodiversity and systematics, I use these clades as model systems to study broader topics in evolutionary biology such as adaptation and constraint, biochronology, biogeography, and the role of growth and development in evolution. I have also engaged in research on biomechanics, scaling, ichnology, and population biology, and I maintain diverse research interests in vertebrate anatomy and evolution. In my research, I make use of many analytical techniques such as Transmitted Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Computed Tomography and laser surface scanning, and I am a strong proponent of using new technology to analyze fossils. I have garnered seamless NSF grant support for my research for over a decade, and have built an interdisciplinary research program in evolutionary paleontology that combines fieldwork with specimen-based and theoretical components.