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Curator of Invertebrates
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My research in my lab focuses on the biology of Mollusca, especially gastropods (snails) and bivalves (clams). I am interested in their species-level diversity, how it evolved over time, and how it is impacted by human activities.

For current research projects please the "research" tab below, for a list of publications see the "accomplishments" tab.


Much of my current focus is on the Bivalve Tree-of-Life (BivAToL) Project.  The following movie clips, filmed during a recent expedition to Australia, introduce the project:


Another part of my program concentrates on the molluscan diversity of the Florida Keys and how it changed over time:

Science at FMNH – Biodiversity of Marine Mollusks in the Florida Keys from Science at FMNH on Vimeo.


Science at FMNH – Human Impact on Ecosystems from Science at FMNH on Vimeo.