Web is live!

This is such an exciting day.  The new fieldmuseum.org is live.  There have been a lot of people doing a lot of work for this web site and for a long time.  C&R owes a lot of gratitude to Sharon Grant for all her help and tireless efforts.  Jessica, David, and Ryan have been busting their tails to get things ready for today, and Joe deserves a lot of credit for getting us to this point.  I also have to thank Leo for being my partner in all things technology related these days.

I can't believe I get to create content whenever I want to (and correct the typos I see in my own work as well).   Yesterday, I even created a FAQ, and it made my happy.  I know--what a nerd I am.  Today I put up student videos from the DNA Residency program last summer (check out the Pritzker Lab site).  Tomorrow, who knows what I want to do.  The point is for the first time since I came to Field Museum, it's up to me to create new things and tell the world about it.