So you think you're a museum technologist?

I recently received this survey from the lovely folks on Museums and the Web IT group and thought I'd share it.


I wonder how many of you may have been asked this question at some point in time? Perhaps you've even asked it of yourself.

In an effort to better understand the makeup and profile of our field, Rob Stein and I have developed a short survey that attempts to get at a better understanding of the role you play in the larger field of museums.  We are critically interested in understanding the continuing evolution of technology in museums and the professional staff who innovate and maintain efforts in technology, media, and the web. Even if you DO NOT consider yourself a Museum Technologist, but work to create engaging digital content and experiences on behalf of the museum community — we are interested in your feedback about the role you play in museums.

Would you consider helping us by taking a short survey? The questions are easy and all your responses are confidential. Your answers will be analyzed and presented in an open forum at this year's Museum and the Web Conference in Portland, OR.  If you wish to submit your email address with the survey, I will also be sure to send you a copy of the findings and slides from that analysis for your own records.

Please visit:

Rob and I will be presenting the results along with other observations in a plenary session at MW2013:

Thank you in advance for your time in helping us better understand our professional community!


Rich Cherry and Rob Stein