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Head, Collections and Negaunee Collection Manager, Mammals
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 I study the natural history, biogeography, taxonomy and evolution of mammals of eastern Africa, with emphasis on faunas of montane areas within Tanzania.  This long-term program has involved systematic faunal surveys of shrews and rodents in almost every montane unit within Tanzania, including Mahale Mountains, each of the Eastern Arc Mountains, Southern Highlands including Mt. Rungwe and the Livingstone Mountains and Kilimanjaro, Meru and Ngorongoro of the Northern Highlands.  Several new species of shrews and rodents have been described, as a result and initial investigations of the biogeography of these faunas have been published.    Other groups I have researched include bats, particularly on islands off the Tanzanian coast and primates, particularly Rungwecebus kipunji, which I am studying with Tim Davenport, Sophy Machaga, Noah Mpunga, Link Olson and Eric Sargis.   A major emphasis is the creation and maintenance of a bilingual (English and Kiswahili) website to aid Tanzanian researchers in identification of and education about Tanzanian mammals.  The site can be found at www.fieldmuseum.org/tanzania