DNA Residency for Educators

The DNA Residency for Educators is not available in 2018. Please check back next year.

The DNA Research Summer Residency provides Chicago and suburban educators a paid opportunity to conduct genetic research alongside accomplished Field Museum scientists. Two high school students, an educator, and one Field Museum scientist will form a team that conducts basic research during a five-week internship program.  All participants will be trained in molecular biology laboratory methods and equipment used in Field Museum’s Pritzker Lab/Rice DNA Discovery Center, gather data relevant to current research programs, and learn about all aspects of the scientific method—from sample gathering through data analysis and interpretation.  


Educators will work with Field Museum staff to develop classroom learning activities and lessons.

  • Must be Chicago or suburban high school science educator.
  • Must submit an essay (300-500 words) describing why they would like to take part in this program.
  • Must provide one letter of reference.
  • Must have a strong interest in incorporating scientific research and/or genetics into their curriculum.
  • Must commit to weekday dates and times.

Email DNAprograms@fieldmuseum.org for more information.  No phone calls please.