A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar Series

The A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar is The Field Museum's weekly academic seminar series. Talks are at noon on Wednesdays, and feature speakers from around the world presenting their research on topics related to the museum's research and conservation activities. Since 2005, over 270 speakers have presented talks in the series. Typically, the audience primarily consists of FMNH curators, collection managers, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students, although faculty and students from Chicago-area colleges and universities, museum docents, and other museum staff sometimes attend as well. For more information on the seminar series, to suggest a speaker, or if you are coming from outside of the museum and need access to the seminar room, contact Abigail Derby Lewis, John Terrell , Matt von Konrat, Ken Angielczyk, or Corrie Moreau.

Be sure to check this page regularly for additions and updates to the schedule.

Winter/Spring 2014

Jan. 8: Dr. Nikolas Papadimitriou. Museum of Cycladic Art. Reconstructing the Gold-working Techniques of Mycenaean Greece. Lecture Hall II.

Jan 15: No Seminar.

Jan 22: Dr. Susumu Tomiya. Field Museum of Natural History. Before Cats and Dogs: Mysteries of Early Carnivore Evolution. Lecture Hall II.

Jan. 29: Dr Renata Leite Pitman. Duke University. Fourteen Years of Field Research on the Most Mysterious Mammal in the Neotropics: Atelocynus microtis, the Short-eared Dog. Zoology Classroom.

Feb. 5: Dr. Jack Gilbert. Argonne National Laboratory. Modeling Microbial Ecosystems. Lecture Hall II.

Feb. 12: No Seminar.

Feb. 19: No Seminar.

Feb. 26: Dr. Matt Finer. Amazon Conservation Association. Tracking and Responding to the Major Threats Facing the Andean Amazon. Lecture Hall II.

March 5: Dr. Sora Kim. University of Chicago. The Ecological Plasticity of Lamniformes: Ancient Sand Tigers and Modern White Sharks. Lecture Hall II.

March 12: Dr. Jane Fajans. Cornell University. The Double Side of Masks: False Consciousness or Real Fetish? Lecture Hall II.

March 19: Dr. David Watts. Yale University. The Chimpanzees of Ngogo: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation. Lecture Hall II.

March 26: Dr. Ramon Carreno. Ohio Wesleyan University. Two-For-One-Special: How Museum Collections of Arthropods Can Contribute to Research on the Evolution of Parasitism in Nematodes. Lecture Hall II.

April 2: Dr. James Waters. Princeton University. The FIre of Life: Metabolic Allometry in Social Insect Colonies. Lecture Hall II.

April 9: Dr. Karen Sears. Unviersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Developmental Bias on the Evolution of Mammalian Limbs: From Fossils to Gene Networks. Lecture Hall II.

April 16: Dr. Stephanie Spehar. University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Conserving Orangutans and Other Primates in Human-dominated Landscapes: Insights from Indonesian Borneo. Lecture Hall II.

April 23: Dr. Noshir Contractor. Northwestern University. Leveraging Computational Social Science to Address Grand Societal Challenges. Lecture Hall II.

April 30: Dr. William Sanders. University of Michigan. Bimaturism of Facial Ontogeny and Social Behavior in the Early Oligocene Primate Aegyptopithecus zeuxis. Lecture Hall II.

May 7: Dr. Jon Marks. University of North Carolina. The Invisible Aspects of Human Evolution. Lecture Hall II.

May 14: Dr. Brandon Matheny. University of Tenessee. Origins and Patterns of Diversifciation in Ectomyhcorrhizal Fungi. Lecture Hall II.

May 21: Dr. Karen Samonds. Northern Illinois University. First Glimpse into the Gap: New Insights into the Origin and Evolution of Madagascar's Modern Fauna. Lecture Hall II.

May 28: Dr. Ana Carnaval. City College of New York. Old and New Ways to Link Climate and Diversity Patterns in the Atlantic Forest Hotspot. Lecture Hall II.

June 4: Dr. Michelle Lawing. Texas A & M. Fossil, Phylogenies, and Climate: Calibrating the Geographic Response of Species to Climate Change. Lecture Hall II.

June 11: Dr. Lars Söderström. Norwegian University of Science and Technology N-7491 Trondheim. Towards a World Checklist of Liverworts and Hornworts. Lecture Hall II.


Other Recent Speakers

Fall 2013

Nigel Pitman

Willeke Wendrich

Jason McLachlan

Hopi Hoekstra

Jill Leonard-Pingel

Richard Olmstead

Rebecca Seligman

Deborah Gordon

Estevam Cruz da Silva

Beckett Sterner

Brian Kraatz

James Coan

Fabian Michelangeli

Madhusudan Katti

Brian Switek

Winter/Spring 2013

Tyler Lyson

Daniel Block

Derek Sikes

Michael Habib

Marcial Escudero

Alan Morris

Andrew Davis

William Clemens

Thomas Olszewski

Peter Raven

David Clarke

Larisa DeSantis