Dilyana Ivanova (ABF Program Assistant, Anthropology Department of The Field Museum) returned from a trip in Bulgaria where she presented a lecture at the American Research Center in Sofia on September 27, 2012. The topic of the lecture was “Memory about Public Entertainment in Bulgaria during Socialism (1944-1989).” Ivanova discussed the forms of celebration during socialism in the town of Rousse, Bulgaria, and memory of them in Bulgarian post-socialst society. 

Ivanova and Dr. Emil Nankov (ARCS Archaeological Program Officer) visited the museums in Bulgaria funded through the ABF-sponsored SPCME program in 2012: the Archaeological Museum – Septemvri (funded for the project entitled, “Pistiros Exposition Hall – Presentation and Socialization of Cultural Artifact”), the Archaeological Museum in Varna (project entitled, “Museum for Small and Grown-up”), the Historical Museum in Balchik (project entitled, "Conservation, Restoration, and Exhibition of Stone Architectural Elements and Pieces of Inventory of the Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods in the Greek Colony Dionysopolis"), and finally the Archaeological Museum of Silistra (project entitled, “Revivification of the Ancient Durostorum in the Archaeological Мuseum –Silistra”). These museums just recently began working on their projects, and they are still in the process of remodeling and preparing the museum facilities for the next stage of the various projects.

Ivanova and Nankov also visited the Historical Museum in Kazanlak “Iskra” (awarded in 2011 for the project entitled, "Preservation and Enhancement of the Antiquity Collection of Museum of History "Iskra", Kazanlak"). The project was just recently finalized with a temporary exhibit of the restored artifacts from the antiquity storage facility. The project is an example of how neglected and forgotten collections can be restored and presented to the community.