Field Museum Postdoctoral Scientists

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The Field Museum is now accepting applications for postdoctoral scientist positions. Ideal candidates will work on disciplinary or interdisciplinary research projects advised by one or several Field Museum curators to complement any of the ongoing research programs at the Field Museum and to collaborate with scientists outside the Field Museum. At the Field Museum, research is being pursued in the areas of Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. We welcome applications in any one or any combination of these fields.

Requirements: Research proposals need to written for a general scientific audience (i.e., the review committee can consist of biologists, geologists, and anthropologists). The proposal must be clear to all. The scientific motivation should be given in a broad context. Applicants need to explain feasibility of their proposed projects within a two-year time frame, include a rough schedule and estimated research budget. Ideally the proposals should contain an outreach component. While research is clearly the main focus of the proposal, the proposal should contain a brief description how the research can be communicated to the general public through existing museum programs, blogs, lectures etc. We advise the applicant to contact the sponsor to develop this part of the proposal. 

The project must include one Field Museum curator combined with one or several other Field Museum researchers and/or one or several researchers outside of the Field Museum. Applicants are required to contact the most relevant curator prior to application; a complete application must include the curator’s endorsement letter (list of curators and potential in-house collaborators at Please note that each curator may only endorse one applicant per funding cycle. 

Required format for research proposals: Limit to two letter-sized pages, 12 pt font for all text, including figure captions and tables, 1-inch margin on all sides, PDF format required. A bibliographic reference list is required but does not count towards the two-page limit.

Selection: Candidates will be selected based on the scientific merit of the research proposal, its potential to augment the Field Museum’s research and collections strengths, to maximize the impact and to combine expertise of Field Museum curators and collaborators across disciplines, and the qualifications of the applicant. 

Qualifications: A completed Ph.D. in a field of one of the proposed research disciplines is required before the proposed start date. 

Terms: These postdoctoral positions are one-year, renewable appointments; renewal for the second year will be contingent upon satisfactory performance during the first year. The appointments may begin January 1, 2019 and no later than June 1st, 2019. In addition to salary and benefits, limited funds for research and/or travel will be provided.

Requested application materials include a research proposal (see above for requirements), curriculum vitae including publications list, PDFs of three of your peer-reviewed publications and names of three referees (with e-mail addresses and phone numbers). In addition, we require a curatorial endorsement letter and at least two reference letters. The applicant will be asked to provide contact information for the letter writers during the application process. We will instruct letter writers on how to submit letters. We encourage women and minorities to apply. Applications open July 1, 2018. Applications and letters must be submitted by August 15th, 2018. Submission instructions are posted at

Questions about this application may be sent to Please review all application requirements thoroughly before emailing.

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