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Debra Yepa-Pappan

Native Community Engagement Coordinator

Gantz Family Collections Center

Debra, who is Korean and a tribally enrolled member of the Pueblo of Jemez, is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Native American Exhibit Hall renovation project. She welcomes Native American visitors to the Field Museum and engages them in dialogue about the exhibits in the Hall and the upcoming renovation. As an active member of the Chicago Native American community, she also serves as a liaison between the Museum and the community. She is an artist with international acclaim in the field of contemporary Native American art, and through her artwork and her work at the Museum she is committed to changing inaccurate representations of Native people, and advocates for the inclusion of Native first voice and perspectives. Debra is married to artist Chris Pappan whose work is on display in the exhibition "Drawing on Tradition: Kanza Artist Chris Pappan." 


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