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James Phillips

Curator, Egypt Exhibit


I work in North Africa and the Near East, specifically in Egypt (the Sinai), Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, as well as in France and Spain.

My work involves two separate threads, why human populations settled down near the end of the Pleistocene, and the development and relationship between modern human propulations and the final Archaic Hominids, Homo neandertalensis.

These two themes have led to surveys and excavations at sites in North Africa, the Near East, Kenya, and France.

Additionally, I work with the exhibits department of the museum, and have been the Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Cleopatra, Eternal Egypt, Mammoth and Mastodons, The Lod Mosaic, and The Horse. At present I am co-curating, with William Parkington and Robert Martin, the Lascaux III exhibit, coming to the Museum in March 2013

We are now working on the plans for revising the Field Museum Ancient Egypt exhibit, last rebuilt in 1988.

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BA, Roosevelt University 1964

AM, University of Chicago 1965

PhD, Southern Methodist University 1971