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      Peer-reviewed Publications

      Klymiuk, A.A., B.A. Sikes. 2019, in press. Suppression of root-endogenous fungi in persistently inundated Typha roots. Mycologia, accepted 10 June 2019. Klymiuk, A.A. 2016. Paleomycology of the Princeton Chert. III. Dictyosporic microfungi, Monodictysporites princetonensis gen. et sp. nov., associated with decayed rhizomes of an Eocene semi-aquatic fern. Mycologia 108:882-890. Klymiuk, A.A., R.A. Stockey, and G.W. Rothwell.  2015.  Plant-arthropod interactions in Acanthostrobus edenensis (Cupressaceae), a new conifer from the Upper Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  International Journal of Plant Sciences 176:378-392. Bomfleur, B., A.A. Klymiuk, E.L. Taylor, and T.N. Taylor.  2014.  Diverse bryophyte mesofossils (Pallaviciniales, Metzgeriales, Jungermanniales, Sphagnales, and ?Grimmiales) from the Triassic of Antarctica.  Lethaia 47:120-132. Klymiuk, A.A., T.N. Taylor, E.L. Taylor, and M. Krings.  2013.  Paleomycology of the Princeton Chert. II. Dark septate fungi in the aquatic angiosperm Eorhiza arnoldii indicate a diverse assemblage of root-colonizing fungi during the Eocene. Mycologia 105:1100-109. Klymiuk, A.A., T.N. Taylor, E.L. Taylor, and M. Krings.  2013.  Paleomycology of the Princeton Chert.  I.  Saprotrophic hyphomycetes associated with an Eocene angiosperm, Eorhiza arnoldii.  Mycologia 105:521-529. Bronson, A.W., A.A. Klymiuk, R.A. Stockey, and A.M.F. Tomescu.  2013.  A perithecial sordariomycete (Ascomycota) of diaporthalean affinity from the Early Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada).  International Journal of Plant Sciences 174:278-292. Klymiuk, A.A., C.J. Harper, D.M. Moore, E.L. Taylor, T.N. Taylor, and M. Krings.  2013.  Reinvestigating Carboniferous “actinomycetes”: authigenic formation of biomimetic carbonates provides insight into early diagenesis of permineralized plants.  PALAIOS 28: 80-92. Klymiuk, A.A., and R.A. Stockey. 2012. A Lower Cretaceous (Valanginian) seed cone provides the earliest fossil record for Picea (Pinaceae).  American Journal of Botany 99:1069-1082. Klymiuk, A.A., R.A. Stockey, and G.W. Rothwell.  2011.  The first organismal concept for an extinct species of Pinaceae: Pinus arnoldii Miller.  International Journal of Plant Sciences 172: 294-313.

      Edited Volumes 

      Klymiuk, A.A., S.Y. Smith, S.A. Little, editors.  2016.  Mesozoic and Cenozoic plant evolution and biotic change: A Special Issue in honour of Ruth A. Stockey / Évolution des plantes et changements biotiques au Mésozoïque et au Cénozoïque: numéro spécial en l’honneur de Ruth A. Stockey.  Botany 94(9). Klymiuk A.A., Smith S.Y., Little S.A. 2016. Mesozoic and Cenozoic plant evolution and biotic change: Introduction and dedication. Botany 94:v-i. Tomescu A.M., Klymiuk A.A., Matsunaga K.K., Bippus A.C., Shelton G.W. 2016. Microbes and the Fossil Record: Selected Topics in Paleomicrobiology. In Their World: A Diversity of Microbial Environments. pp. 69-169. Springer International Publishing.