Our Staff

Jai Shekhawat's picture
CEO and Founder, Fieldglass
Akiko Shinya's picture
Chief Preparator, Fossil Vertebrates
Petra Sierwald's picture
Associate curator, Arachnida & Myriapoda
Alejandro Silva's picture
Chairman, Evans Food Group, Ltd.
Adele S. Simmons's picture
Vice Chair & Senior Executive, Metropolis Strategies
Matthew K. Simon's picture
Portfolio Manager, Global Equities, Citadel LLC
William F. Simpson's picture
McCarter Collections Manager, Fossil Vertebrates
Heather Skeen's picture
Research Assistant
Tom Skwerski's picture
Project Manager for Exhibitions
Leo Smith's picture
Associate Curator of Fishes
Lindsey Snyder's picture
Public Programs Coordinator
William Stanley's picture
Head, Collections and Negaunee Collection Manager, Mammals
Kevin Stineman's picture
Chief Operating Officer, International Division, Morningstar
Douglas Stotz's picture
ECCo Senior Conservation Ecologist
Lynika Strozier's picture
Collections and Research assistant
Michael Tang's picture
CEO, National Material, L.P.
Royal Taylor's picture
Science & Education Finance Manager
Mark Tebbe's picture
Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Chicago