American Research Center in Sofia and The Field Museum in Chicago Presentation at the Bulgarian Days in Chicago Festival

On April 21, 2013, the vice-president and co-founder of the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS), Dr. Nora Dimitrova Clinton, and the administrator of the Archaeological and Anthropological Grant Opportunities in Bulgaria program at The Field Museum, Dr. Dilyana Ivanova, participated in the “Bulgarian Days in Chicago” spring festival. They had the opportunity to meet many active members in the Bulgarian community, as well as the General Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Simeon Stoilov. During the festival, they announced an upcoming ARCS lecture on recent Bulgarian history, entitled “The Past and the Un-Past,” which will be held at The Field Museum on April 29, 2013. All the festival participants were invited to attend. Dimitrova Clinton also discussed the role of ARCS in the development of humanitarian studies in Bulgaria and scholarship programs for students and young scholars to study Bulgarian archaeology, anthropology, culture heritage, and history. Dimitrova Clinton highlighted the mission goals of the center, which include supporting Bulgarian museums, research institutes, and universities, encouraging them to improve their facilities and working conditions, and strengthening collaboration between researchers in Bulgaria, the U.S. and in Western European countries.

Dr. Dimitrova Clinton’s talk was followed by a presentation by Dr. Dilyana Ivanova of The Field Museum. Ivanova discussed the most recent results of the Archaeological and Anthropological Grant Opportunities in Bulgaria program, a grant administrative program developed jointly with ARCS and funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Through this program, over $880,000 has been awarded to 21 projects in Bulgaria that focus on archaeological research, site restoration and preservation, and museum enhancement, and an additional $208,000 has funded four postdoctoral fellows at The Field Museum. Dr. Shannon Martino, one of the postdoctoral fellows whose research field is in Bulgaria and Turkey, was also present at the event and greeted the audience in Bulgarian.