Anthropology Alliance

The Anthropology Alliance at The Field Museum is an auxiliary group for anthropology and archaeology enthusiasts.  This is where Anthropology comes alive and teaches us what makes us human, about our place in nature, our common concerns and our differences. The Anthropology Alliance is an open-membership group of Museum donors who support and promote interest in the work of the Museum's Anthropology Department. 

Museum anthropologists build and maintain The Field's world class cultural collections, which include over 600,000 objects documenting the diversity and accomplishments of humankind.  Our scientists conduct laboratory and collections-based research at the Museum and at field sites throughout the world and share their discoveries through publications, exhibitions and educational programs. Learn more about Anthropology Research and Collections.

Membership in the Alliance requires an annual contribution of at least $500, divided as follows:

  • An Annual Fund membership at any level
  • A contribution directed to the Anthropology Department ($100 minimum)

In addition to Annual Fund benefits, Anthropology Alliance members enjoy:

  • A series of evening programs by Anthropology Staff (click to view the 2011 Program Calendar)
  • Access to Curators and Staff in the Anthropology Department 
  • Access to the 99% of Collections not on view to the public
  • Member E-newsletters highlighting recent department updates and Alliance news
  • Opportunities to volunteer on Anthropology Alliance committees 
  • Occasional field trips and tours

For more information, contact us at / (312) 665-7137


Ryan Williams, Anthropology Department Chair, Carl Wolf and Yolande Lucas, Anthropology Alliance Steering Committee members, learn about new acquisitions to the Anthropology Collections from Alan Francisco, Anthropology Registrar.

Photo of Alliance Steering Committee members Phyllis Ellis and Susie Stein touring the Collections Resource Center new collections from Madagascar (March 2011).