Anthropology- Guidelines for Loans

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Department of Anthropology contact person:

Jamie Kelly
Head of Anthropology Collections
Science & Education
The Field Museum
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605
312-665-7469 (Telephone)
312-665-7193 (Fax)


Items to include in a loan request:

For exhibition requests:

  • Title of the exhibition

  • Dates of the exhibition

  • General description of the scope and purpose of the exhibition

  • List of venues (names, addresses, dates)

  • Description of requested objects (including FMNH catalog numbers if possible)

  • AAM General (or Standard) Facility Report for each venue

  • Contact information for all loan correspondence

For other requests:

  • Why the objects are being requested

  • How the objects will be used

  • Where the objects will be located during the loan

  • Dates of the requested loan period

  • Contact information for all loan correspondence


General requirements for Department of Anthropology loans:

Due to the considerable demand for loans from its collections, the Department of Anthropology requires a minimum of 1 year to process loan requests for exhibitions. 

Loans are approved by a committee within the Department of Anthropology comprised of Curators, Conservators, Registrar, and the Chair of the Department. If approved, the borrower will be sent a loan packet that includes a loan agreement and conservation, mounting and display requirements.

Borrowers are generally responsible for all costs associated with the loan, including (but not limited to) evaluation, documentation, conservation, packing and unpacking, mounting for shipment and/or exhibition, shipping and transportation to and from all venues, courier expenses, permits, licenses and duties. In most cases borrowers will also be responsible for providing all-risk, wall-to-wall insurance coverage of the loan objects, or for paying the applicable insurance premium if coverage is provided by The Field Museum.