International Collaborative Archaeological and Bio-archaeological Research Program (ICAB)

AWARDS in 2010

American PI Bulgarian PI Project 
Dr. David Strait, University at Albany, USA Dr. Stefanka Ivanova, Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology and Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Balkan Valley Project (BVP) Phase II: Survey of the Tundja Valley

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia Minor, Bulgaria is well positioned to preserve evidence of the first Europeans and other ancient humans. This archaeological research is the first attempt in the Balkans to collect and integrate diverse types of data from across a targeted landscape with the aim of testing hypotheses about hominin origins.

Dr.Christopher Ratte, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan, USA Dr.Georgi Nekhrizov and        Dr. Stefan Bakardjiev, Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project
This is an ongoing collaborative project that brings together American, Australian, and Bulgarian researchers to examine the prehistory of the Tundzha region in Bulgaria. This group has been working in the region of Kazanluk and.

Site Preservation, Collections, and Museum Enhancement Program (SPCME)

AWARDS in 2010

Project Director Project
Dr. Ivan Tsarov, Regional Historical Museum of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Conservation and Protection of Monuments and Signatures in the Town of the Victory Nicopolis ad Istrum, Bulgaria


Nicopolis ad Istrum  is a Roman town founded by the emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus to honor his victories over the Dacians in AD 101 and 106. It is located near the village Nikyup, 20 km northwest of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.

The goals of this proposal are: to ensure the physical  protection of the epigraphy and gravestone monuments in the Roman city; to build a series of roofing structures which will help to preserve a variety of ancient features including a well dating to the Roman period, a waste canal that passes through the central part of the forum, and a pedestal for an equestrian statue of an emperor; to popularize the abovementioned activities in English and Bulgarian and to facilitate the visits of guests to the site through signs, information-boards, and model graphics.

Dr. Krasimira Kostova, History Museum of Sredetz, Burgas District, Bulgaria 

Conservation, Restoration and Socialization of Archaeological Monuments from Ancient Colony Deultum, near Debelt Village, Burgas District, Bulgaria


The Archaeological Reserve “Deultum-Develt” is a monument of historical heritage with national importance for modern Bulgaria as it has a variety of archaeological remains that provide evidence of habitation from the Bronze Age to XIV c. A.D.

The goals of the project include: conservation, restoration, and preparation of the metal findings that are currently threatened with destruction based on the researches of the ancient Deultum; integration of the monuments from the archaeological reserve; promotion of the Deultum archaeological heritage; offering a new cultural product on the tourist market; and attract tourist flow from the West Black Sea coast and inland.