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Conservation Celebration

The Field Museum is honored to present the 23rd Annual Parker/Gentry Award to the Instituto del Bien Común (IBC) at the Conservation Celebration on May 24, 2018. IBC is a Peruvian organization dedicated to promoting the best use of shared resources in the Amazon. IBC was the primary Peruvian partner for six Field Museum rapid inventories, and our joint work laid the groundwork for Yaguas National Park, a 2 million-acre wilderness area declared in January 2018. Join us to learn more about IBC's outstanding work. 

Travel with the Field Museum - Dynasties of China and Tibet: The Himalayas and the Yangtze

You are invited on an extraordinary journey through China and Tibet–two lands of stunning beauty and centuries-old civilizations steeped in legend and tradition. Travel with the Museum’s preeminent experts–Gary M. Feinman, MacArthur Curator of Mesoamerican, Central American, and East Asian Anthropology, and Linda Nicholas, Adjunct Curator of Anthropology–who bring in-depth knowledge and understanding of these ancient cultures.