Field at the Movies: A New Leaf

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This event takes place off-site at the Wilmette Theatre at 1122 Central Ave. Wilmette, IL, 60091. The Field Museum's Matt von Konrat will lead a discussion on the science of plants (ferns in particular) and answer questions pertaining to the theme of the film. The featured film in April is A New Leaf. A spoiled and self-absorbed man who has squandered his inheritance, Henry Graham (Walter Matthau) is desperate to find a way to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Henry sees an opportunity when he meets Henrietta Lowell (Elaine May), an awkward, bookish heiress and botany professor who discovers a new species of fern. Though Henry courts Henrietta, he has no intention of remaining with her, and he develops a surprisingly sinister scheme. As Henry attempts to execute his plan, he finds that seeing it through may not be as easy as he had thought.

Matt von Konrat, PhD., FLS, is the Head of Botanical Collections, Adjunct Curator & McCarter Collections Manager (early land plants and ferns). How scientifically accurate is the portrayal of the discovery of a new species? What is the process of discovery and description of a new species to science? Forty years later, and after 250 years of botanical exploration, are we still discovering new species? Dr. von Konrat will also share some experiences of seeking new species in remote areas of the world – and fun fern facts!

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