Get Fishy with Collections Manager Caleb McMahan

Backroom at Chicago Athletic Association

It’ll get fishy in the Backroom when Caleb McMahan, collections manager for Ichthyology, drops in for a conversation. Caleb will present dyed and stained fish specimens inside our blackout room, plus how fish skeletons are prepared, and how preserving a species in different ways leads to new scientific discoveries.

Join us at The Backroom, a pop-up bar located at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. The Backroom is open Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm – midnight through March 25. Sip cocktails, see real specimens from the Museum's collection, and join in hands-on activities with Field Museum scientists and experts.

While The Backroom will remain open to regular bar foot traffic during our events and discussions, seating for them is first come, first served. Following Caleb, The Backroom will celebrate it’s last night in operation with a closing party.

Caleb McMahan - Collections Manager

Caleb is an ichthyologist interested in the evolution and natural history of fishes. While most of his work centers around the systematics, taxonomy, and historical biogeography of fishes – he collaborates with scientsts active in areas of study such as paleontology, physiology, genomics, ecology, and behavior. Caleb likes to think of his work as integrative, as this is the best approach to understanding as much as we can about these organisms. He is primarily interested in Neotropical freshwater fishes of Mexico, Central and South America.