Hop To It: Release of QingMing by Off Color Brewing

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MEET John Laffler and Dave Bleitner, owners of Off Color Brewing who made The Field Museum's exclusive Tooth & Claw and Wari beer and have now created QingMing, a beer inspired by artifacts discovered during archeological digs in Taixi and a Changzikou tomb dating from the Late Shang/Western Zhou Dynasties circa 1600-722 bce. Rather than a strict recreation of a single dig site, Off Color chose to make an amalgam, because existent evidence shows a wide range of the types of beverages being produced as well as many of the ingredients and flavorings being used at the time are not currently legal to use in beer production. 


Photo: Zachary James Johnston

SEE Asian drinking vessels, such as tea and wine pots from time periods such as the Qing Dynasty, ceramic models of graneries and all kinds of other artifacts our collection staff brew up! ALL from our behind the scene collections at The Field Museum. Gary Feinman, Curator of East Asian Anthropology and Jamie Kelly, Head of Anthropological Collections at The Field Museum, will be on hand to discuss the artifacts and history and research behind these objects. John Laffler will talk about what inspired him to make a beer using such unique and ancient methods, as well as the challenge of trying to use ancient ingredients no longer legal to use and what was used instead.

TASTE  this unique interpretation of ancient Asian brewing techniques, resulting in a taste profile of peaches and lemon rind with fragrant aromas of tea, bubblegum and sake followed by an onslaught of complex fruit, herbal and floral character. Body is dry and effervescent with the warming alcohol dissipating quickly from the palate leaving one with the perception of nectar, honey and perfumed rice. A pairing of light appetizers will be available as well until 8pm. Ticket includes a complimentary glass of QingMing in its collector glass. Additional beverages available for purchase.