Meet-up with The Brain Scoop: Into the Bat Caves of Kenya

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Into the Bat Caves of Kenya

Experience the excitement and challenges of a Field Museum research expedition—captured by the lens of a camera. Through large-scale media projections, see what happens when Museum filmmakers team up with The Brain Scoop to record bat calls and traipse through guano (bat dung!) in a cave deep within Kenya’s Mount Suswa. Watch the remarkable documentation of Field Museum researchers Bruce Patterson and Paul Webala’s bat research, and peer into the furry faces of East Africa’s astonishingly diverse bats in the new exhibition, Into the Bat Caves of Kenya.

On Tuesday, September 9th, meet these Museum filmmakers, researchers, and Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop for an exclusive evening program. Hear about the delights and challenges of documenting field work with a production crew, learn more about Bruce Patterson’s work in Kenya, and get the chance to see real bat specimens from The Field Museum’s collection up-close. Tickets include beer and wine (21+ with ID), and appetizers. Tickets: $23 non-members; $20 members. Get tickets now!