Meet a Scientist


Outreach, relationship building, and collaboration with descendant communities are intrinsic to the repatriation process at the Field Museum. The Repatriation Program responds to repatriation requests for information and return, provides access to the Museum's numerous collections, and facilitates co-curation initiatives. One of these initiatives is a digitizing project with the community of Mashteuiatsh to encourage access to and sharing of Ilnu objects that were collected by Frank Speck and purchased by the Field Museum in the 1920s. During this event, we will discuss collaborative projects, show the images produced from this collaboration, and have a handful of Ilnu objects from the Museum's collection on display.

Free with Basic admission. On select dates from 11am to 1pm, find scientific staff in our Grainger Science Hub! They'll share wonders from our collections and highlights of their research. Enter from Stanley Field Hall to hear about their work, see real artifacts and specimens from the approximately 30 million objects in The Field Museum's collections, and experience the Museum in new ways. Topics range from birds to insects, from mammals to plants, from pottery to spear points, and more!