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Explore a sampling of the cultures and environments of the vast and varied African continent…from the scene of a holy day in the capital city of Senegal to the mountainous rainforests of Rwanda…from the Royal Palace of the Bamum in Cameroon to a research station on the Great Rift Valley…from an iron smelting workshop in Ethiopia to a camel caravan crossing the Sahara Desert in Nigeria.

In Africa, you can:

  • Join families for the preparation and celebration of Tabaski in Dakar, Senegal.
  • See exquisite beaded masks, carved elephant tusks, Benin bronze sculptures, and other artifacts that tell cultural stories and are also recognized worldwide for their artistry.
  • Join scientists in the field to learn about the hippos, giraffes, rhinos, and other creatures that make up the world’s most diverse population of large animals.
  • Visit the goatskin tent of a Tuareg family and discover how they crisscross the world’s largest desert to gather blocks of salt to sell at the market.
  • Contemplate how African traditions endured the tragedy of slavery to become interwoven in American culture today.

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