The Crown Family PlayLab

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Man holding young girl, looking at a model bird nest and bird

Dig in...Dress up... Explore and grow! Young children are natural scientists, constantly observing and testing the world around them. There’s a wonderful new place to encourage your child’s explorations and creative play: the Crown Family PlayLab at The Field Museum.

The PlayLab starts with a child’s innate curiosity and a family-friendly environment, adds real artifacts and specimens, and encourages young explorers to discover the wonders of nature and learn about diverse cultures. What does your child want to do today? At the PlayLab, children can dress up as a local animal and star in their own nature play, or explore a pueblo home and see how families lived in different times and places. They can examine insects in amber and colorful woven pouches, play an African drum or dance to a Latin beat. They can pull out drawers and discover hidden objects, play in a dinosaur’s nest, or uncover a dinosaur bone. The PlayLab offers endless opportunities for young visitors to express themselves, thrill to their own discoveries, and be a scientist for a day. With activities and challenges that grow along with your child’s interests, the PlayLab offers a new adventure every time you visit.

The Crown Family PlayLab is free with Basic admission and is open Thursdays through Mondays from 10am to 3:30pm. This exhibition area is geared for children ages 2-6 years old.

GROUPS: To visit the Crown Family Playlab, all groups must pre-register using the field trip registration form.

Learn more about upcoming programs in the Crown Family PlayLab.