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DNA is the thread that connects all life on Earth—from microscopic bacteria, to mushrooms, to humans. But not all humans are aware of that fact. A new, permanent Field Museum exhibition is answering basic and complex questions about DNA and how DNA research is changing what we know about life on our planet.

At the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice DNA Discovery Center, you can experience the Field Museum’s Pritzker Laboratory, a working, state-of-the-art DNA research facility where dozens of scientists are currently analyzing the DNA of thousands of different species—from the fungi of Antarctica to the birds of the Amazon. Comparing these genetic codes allows scientists to map out the relationships among all species on Earth and add to the giant Tree of Life.

In the laboratory viewing area, you’ll have an opportunity to witness DNA research in action and speak directly with scientists about their work (weekdays from 11am to noon). And in the surrounding exhibition, you can explore hands-on interactives, videos, and engaging displays that will brief you on the basics of DNA and provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible diversity of the Museum’s collections.

Only a few museums in the world have DNA research facilities inside their walls; The Field Museum’s lab is one of the ones you can view close-up. So don’t miss your chance to see science in action and watch discoveries unfold daily at the DNA Discovery Center.

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