Images of the Afterlife

Friday, June 8, 2012 to Monday, January 20, 2014

Two ancient Egyptian mummies from Field Museum collections will come face-to-face with the public like never before in Images of the Afterlife. Recent CT scans and the latest 3D imaging revealed the mummies’ age-old secrets to Museum scientists, and enabled an artist to create hyper-realistic sculptures portraying how these two individuals looked in life, thousands of years ago.  Now no longer merely mummies #30007 and #11517, you’ll be able to envision the mummified remains as real persons—a woman in her forties with curly hair and a teenage boy named Minirdis. Peer inside coffins and wrappings of ancient Egyptian mummies. View these videos:

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Images of the Afterlife was created by The Field Museum.

Support for Images of the Afterlife is generously provided by:

Joyce Chelberg

Claire and Gordon Prussian

© 2012. Photo: E.Daynès– Reconstruction Elisabeth Daynès Paris