Traveling the Pacific

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What is it like to live on a tropical island? This exhibition explores the intersection between geography and culture that has shaped life on the Pacific Islands for thousands of years—and continues to do so today.

In Traveling the Pacific, you can:

  • Touch different kinds of rock formed from cooling lava and investigate the geologic forces that created Hawaii and the thousands of other island chains that are a hallmark of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Examine an outrigger canoe that once skimmed the waves among the Marshall Islands and learn how Pacific Islanders have navigated for thousands of years by surveying the skies and ocean currents.
  • Explore the roles of men and women in village life in New Guinea in the early 1900s.
  • Visit a recreated modern marketplace in Tahiti, where vendors sell everything from breadfruit, ginger root, and carrots to woven baskets and fishing gear.
  • Observe Museum conservators at work in The Regenstein Laboratory to consolidate flaking paint layers, mend torn fibers, and otherwise stabilize precious artifacts to be preserved for future generations.