Divina Natura Italian Light Show

On June 24th, join us for a special night at The Field Museum to celebrate the Year of Italian Culture. Starting at 9:30pm on the north lawn, The Field Museum’s grand façade will transform into a mesmerizing panorama of light created by internationally renowned Italian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli. Through a magical performance of music, poetry, and spectacular light projections, Rotelli will showcase his contemporary twist on Dante’s “Divine Comedy” that celebrates the history and achievements in Italian culture.  Divina Natura will incorporate projected text and images that will interact with the building’s classical architectural elements, taking attendees on a voyage that delves into the mind of Dante and his struggle through the sinful circles of hell. The event will incorporate spoken word with readings by respected poets, both in English and a variety of global tongues, and the sonic atmosphere will include a soundtrack by soprano Karolina Dvorakova and a soundtrack by Adrian Leverkuhn and Thomas Masters.

Free and open to the public.

This event is presented by The Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago in partnership with The Field Museum.