Field Associates - Testimonials

I am in sales and always looking for new ways to enhance client relationships. I have found my affiliation with the Field Associates to be a way of differentiating me from other representatives by giving me a selection of professional, intelligent, and unique experiences that I can bring clients to as guests, and in the process enhance their Chicago experience and our friendship. If you are looking for something new to offer clients, friends, and family, join the Field Associates and you will not be out-classed!

Elizabeth Cox,
Programming Committee Co-chair

My favorite aspect of the FA is combining learning, meeting new people and having fun. Learning about the Field Museum’s unique Maps exhibition, while tasting beverages from around the world at the Map Room in Bucktown demonstrates the distinctiveness of a typical FA event.

Natalie Rubino,
Membership Committee Chair

The Field Associates is a great way to get involved at a great Chicago institution, while meeting others with similar interests. I know of no other organization where you can get an inside look at one of the world’s greatest museums, listen to lectures from leading researchers on topics as varied as chocolate, poisonous fishes, and ancient Chinese rubbings, and volunteer time and talent if you choose to, such as helping out with local conservation projects or facilitating activities for children at the Museum.

Brian Kruse,
Programming Committee Co-Chair

As a recent transplant to Chicago, I've found The Field Associates to be a great way to meet people for both professional and social networking. I can't think of a way I'd rather spend a weeknight than at a happy hour with my peers taking a guided after-hours tour through one of the Field's new exhibitions. The topics to learn about at the Museum are endless and fascinating and the access to The Field's research scientists makes the subject matter come alive!

Sarah Lichtenstein,
Communications Chair