International Collaborative Archaeological and Bioarchaeological Research Program (ICAB)

ICAB program is developed by the Department of Anthropology at The Field Museum (FM) in Chicago, in collaboration with the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS) and with sponsorship from the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF). This program promotes international collaboration between scholars from the U.S., Bulgaria, and other nations, particularly those in the Balkans. The intent of ICAB is to fund either archaeological or bioarchaeological research, including fieldwork, museum research or laboratory research. The program strongly encourages proposals from researchers interested in ancient DNA analysis and other groundbreaking analytical techniques that will advance the scientific study of the human past.

2010 ICAB Awarded Projects

Balkan Valley Project (BVP) Phase II: Survey of the Tundja Valley ($49,845)

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia Minor, Bulgaria is well positioned to preserve evidence of the first Europeans and other ancient humans. This archaeological research is the first attempt in the Balkans to collect and integrate diverse types of data from across a targeted landscape with the aim of testing hypotheses about hominin origins. The Co-Primary Investigators for this project are Stefanka Ivanova (Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and Dr. David Strait (University of Albany, USA).

Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project ($49,900)

This is an ongoing collaborative project that brings together American, Australian, and Bulgarian researchers to examine the prehistory of the Tundzha region in Bulgaria. This group has been working in the region of Kazanluk and Yambol. The Co-PIs leading this project are Georgi Nekhrizov and Dr. Stefan Bakardjiev (Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and Christopher Ratte (Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan, USA). 

2011 ICAB Awarded Projects

Analyzing the Cutting Edge: Stylistic and Functional Study of Lithic and Bronze Tools from the Later Prehistory in Eastern Balkans ($50,000)

This project is an international and interdisciplinary study of lithic tools from museums in Bulgaria that builds upon similar research in Romania and the Levant. The investigation considers the economic and social function of lithic artifacts in the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age. The Co-PIs of this project are Ivan Gatsov (Chair of the Department of Archaeology, New Bulgarian University) and Marvin Kay (Department of Anthropology, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, USA).

Rock-cut Sanctuaries in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains: The Glouchite Kamani Cult Complex ($49,525.50)

This extensive archaeological exploration of the site of Gloukhite Kamani (“Deaf Stones”), near the town of Lyubimits in southeastern Bulgaria, is investigating the extent and period of use of the distinctive rock-cut sanctuaries at the site, as well as evidence of associated human settlements. This project is led by Co-PIs Georgi Nekhrizov (Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and Lynn E. Roller (Department of Art History, University of California—Davis, USA).

2012 ICAB Awarded Projects

Balkan Valley Project (BVP): Excavation at Magura Cave ($49,963)

This is a field-based project investigating the prehistoric Magura Cave in Northwestern Bulgaria, a popular tourist venue in the country. It is a truly collaborative research project that brings together Bulgarian and American scholars, and it is an excellent example of how collaborative research should be established and developed. The Co-Primary Investigators of this project are Stefanka Ivanova (Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and Dr. David Strait (University of Albany, USA).