PlayLab Accessibility Day

Father and child examining animal pelts in the PlayLab.
Required - Please e-mail or call 312.665.7545 to register your group.

Join us for PlayLab Accessibility Days, a new program designed to create a private, welcoming, and tailored experience for groups of individuals with disabilities to enjoy the opportunities that the PlayLab provides for hands-on learning and exploration. 

What to Expect
The Crown Family PlayLab is an interactive, hands-on space in The Field Museum that allows people to learn and experience science through play. Visitors can dress up and pretend to be their favorite woodlands creature, dig up dinosaur fossils like a real paleontologist, plant and harvest corn in a miniature pueblo, play drums and instruments from around the world, and touch and examine real specimens, such as rocks, skeletons, and fossils. The PlayLab offers many different sensory opportunities that can bring science to life for learners of all ages and abilities. 

PlayLab Accessibility Days take place on Tuesdays when the PlayLab is closed to the general public. Special Education school groups, community organizations, family support networks, and disability camps are able to make group reservations to ensure that they are the only group in the space for 45 minutes of fun and exploration. To make this experience enjoyable for everyone, we can make some adjustments to the space such as minimizing sound and lighting and providing adult-sized chairs. 

PlayLab Accessibility Days can make a great starting off point for groups who want to further explore The Field Museum. Our education staff is knowledgeable about working with learners with diverse needs, and we can make recommendations about exhibits to visit with different types of sensory input as well as quiet areas for sensory breaks. There are also picnic areas and restaurants for your group to eat lunch. Your time in PlayLab is completely private and tailored to your needs, which can be a calm and inviting way to ease into your day at The Field Museum.

The Crown Family PlayLab is accessible to wheelchair users and to guests who need to avoid stairs. If additional accommodations are needed, please let us know when you register your group.  

Registration is required. PlayLab Accessibility Days are FREE, and Basic Admission is included when you register your group for a PlayLab Accessibility Day. Minimum number in your group must be at least 5 guests, and you must register at least one week in advance of your visit.

For more information or to register for either a 10am timeslot or an 11am timeslot, email or call 312.665.7545.