Tween Saturdays

A group of four teens, two boys and two girls, look closely at collection items with a younger boy.

Ever wonder how plants and insects interact with each other, what an undiscovered civilization would be like, or how an ecosystem made entirely of amphibians and reptiles would function? This fall, learn how scientists might approach these questions and attempt to answer them for yourself!

In a series of events designed for ages 11 to 14, participants will explore a variety of questions in the natural sciences, research The Field Museum's exhibitions and collections, go behind the scenes, and have the chance to make a connection that scientists around the world have attempted to make. 

2016's Theme: Interactions

In this fall's six events, participants will examine interactions between different elements of the natural world. Whether between bugs and blossoms, prehistoric predators and their prey, or different species of fishes, each Saturday in the series will allow tweens to go in-depth and get a hands-on experience with real issues in science.