Unlock the Chapel

Man standing in an office front of two open doors cut into the wall. They reveal the stone walls of an Egyptian tomb.

Unlock the Chapel invites you to adventure through the museum on an app-based puzzle hunt.

You and three intrepid friends join our game master and chart a course to a treasure hidden deep inside the Field Museum—the chapel of Netjer User, chamberlain to an Egyptian pharaoh. Here ancient Egyptians brought offerings for the dead. Now it’s up to your team to gather your own offerings by solving a series of puzzles in our exhibitions, including Mummies, The Ancient Americas, and Inside Ancient Egypt. Discover ancient cultures and explore the chapel open to those who are brave enough to unlock it!

Ticket packages for teams of four are available for $128. This includes puzzle hunt supplies and museum admission for all team members (with a Discovery Pass that includes Mummies).

Groups may purchase their ticket packages online. Unlock the Chapel is offered at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Select your preferred date below to purchase tickets:

Space is limited. Only one team may play at a time, and teams may not exceed four players.

For more information about Unlock the Chapel, contact ncruickshank@fieldmuseum.org.