Volunteer Habitat Restoration

Habitat restoration volunteers of all ages gather for a photo in a wooded area. One person holds up a "Volunteers in Action" sign.

Help improve the health of Chicago's natural areas and our communities by volunteering at Beaubien Woods and Eggers Grove with The Field Museum.

Volunteering with us requires very little - wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We will always provide some snacks and water, but potlucking is encouraged! For more information on how to volunteer with The Field Museum's habitat restorations, email Robb Telfer at rtelfer@fieldmuseum.org.

Restoring Natural Areas

Chicagoland is not only one of the most densely populated places in the world, it is also home to a surprising amount of native biodiversity - with rare and wondrous species of plants and animals as well as no-where-else-on-Earth ecosystems. However, it's not enough to protect our natural spaces from development, we also must keep them clean and healthy by removing invasive species and strengthening the native ones.

Growing Communities

In order to achieve the large-scale restoration of the natural spaces of our area, we need to bring together volunteers interested in the health of our ecosystems and themselves. Volunteers with The Field Museum not only grow closer to the land they are working on, but often they grow closer to their colleagues, generating new communities of green-minded individuals.

The Field Museum Wilderness

Our Museum has a vast array of cultural and natural artifacts in its collections from all over the world and from different periods in history. However, we recognize the ways in which we live in this moment and can make an impact on the natural spaces of Chicagoland right now. We want this place to be stewarded in a way that makes our whole region worthy of display in other museums around the world, and well into the future. Join us in our effort to save our wild spaces.

Wetland Planting

Planting native wetland plants where there used to be invasive plants to promote bird habitat.