A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar Series

The A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar is The Field Museum's weekly academic seminar series. Talks are at noon on Wednesdays, and feature speakers from around the world presenting their research on topics related to the museum's research and conservation activities. Since 2005, over 350 speakers have presented talks in the series. Typically, the audience consists of Field Museum curators, collection managers, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students, although faculty and students from Chicago-area colleges and universities, museum docents, and other museum staff sometimes attend as well. For more information on the seminar series, to suggest a speaker, or if you are coming from outside of the museum and need access to the seminar room, contact Abigail Derby Lewis, John Terrell , Matt von Konrat, Ken Angielczyk, or Bruce Patterson.

Be sure to check this page regularly for additions and updates to the schedule.

Fall 2016

Sept. 7
Dr. Matthew McDowell. Flinders Univeristy. Size Matters - and the Smaller the Better! Using Late Quaternary Small Mammal Fossils to Understand the Past and Interpret the Future. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 14
Dr. Jonathan Coddington. National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Not Too Much Life: The Global Genome Initiative. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 21
Dr. Melinda Zeder. FMWIS Yearly Symposium Speaker. National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Pathways to Animal Domestication: A Continuing Journey A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 28
Dr. Jack Dumbacher. California Academy of Sciences. Ecology and Evolution of Chemical Defense in New Guinea Birds. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 5
Dr. Regan Dunn. The Field Museum. Tracking Habitat Change, Faunal Evolution, and Diversity Through the Cenozoic of South America. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 12
Dr. Joan Damerow. The Field Museum. Mass Digitization of Biocollections Creates New Opportunieis in Data Curation, Biodiversity Research, and Education. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 19
Dr. Graeme Lloyd. Macquarie University. New Techniques for Constructing Large Phylogenetic Hypotheses of Extinct Taxa and Their Paleobiogeographic and Paleobiodiversity Applications . A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 26
Dr. Zhiwei Liu. Eastern Illinois University. Sixty Years of Study Only to Reveal the Oriental Chestnut Gallwasp Problem is More Complicated - The Discovery of a New Wasp Species in China. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Nov. 2
Nov. 9
Nov. 16
Dr. Julia Schultz. University of Chicago. TBA. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Nov. 23
No Seminar (Thanksgiving).
Nov. 30
Dec. 7
Dec. 14

Other Recent Speakers

Winter/Spring 2016

  • Alan Love
  • Anastasia Papathanasiou
  • Robert Asher
  • John Murphy
  • Peter Makovicky
  • María Pérez
  • Diego Pol
  • Anne Pringle
  • Stacy Rosenbaum
  • Michele Piercey-Normore
  • Stephen Acabado
  • Christiane Denys
  • Derek Briggs
  • Peter Day
  • Sebastian Kvist
  • Charles Cannon
  • Brant Faircloth
  • Robert Guralnick
  • Robin O'Keefe
  • Michael Velbel
  • Bruce Patterson
  • Imke Schmitt

Fall 2015

  • Mark Fishbein
  • Kevin Burns
  • Rosemary Grant
  • James McKenna
  • Volker Knoop
  • Emily McTavish
  • Ali Nabavizadeh
  • Kathleen Kay
  • Rob Wasserstrom
  • Nathan Whelan
  • Charles Marshall
  • Graham Slater

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