A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar Series

The A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar is The Field Museum's weekly academic seminar series. Talks are at noon on Wednesdays, and feature speakers from around the world presenting their research on topics related to the museum's research and conservation activities. Since 2005, over 300 speakers have presented talks in the series. Typically, the audience consists of Field Museum curators, collection managers, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students, although faculty and students from Chicago-area colleges and universities, museum docents, and other museum staff sometimes attend as well. For more information on the seminar series, to suggest a speaker, or if you are coming from outside of the museum and need access to the seminar room, contact Abigail Derby Lewis, John Terrell , Matt von Konrat, Ken Angielczyk, or Corrie Moreau.

Be sure to check this page regularly for additions and updates to the schedule.

Winter/Spring 2016

Jan. 6
Dr. Alan Love. University of Minnesota. Conceptual Prerequisites for Testing Hypotheses About the Origins of Metazoan Complexity. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Jan. 13
Dr. Anastasia Papathanasiou. Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Alepotrypa Cave and its People in the Anthropological Framework of Neolithic Greece. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Jan. 20
Dr. Robert Asher. University of Cambridge. Are Accurate Phylogenetic Trees Possible in Paleontology? A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Jan. 27
Dr. John Murphy. Argonne National Laboratory. Artificial Histories: Simulations and Agent-based Models in Archaeology and Anthropology. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Feb. 3
No Seminar.
Feb. 10
Dr. Peter Makovicky. The Field Museum. Real Paleo Diets: Understanding Dietary Evolution in Dinosaurs. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Feb. 17
Dr. María Pérez. The Field Museum. Using Fossils, Molecules, and Ghost Lineages to Understand the Evolutionary History of Guinea Pigs, Maras, and Capybaras (Rodentia, Caviidae). A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Feb. 24
Dr. Diego Pol. Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio. Evolution of Mesozoic Crocodiles and the Radiation of Notosuchians in the Cretaceous of Gondwana. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
March 2
Dr. Anne Pringle. Univeristy of Wisconsin. Life and Death in a Petersham Cemetery: the Dispersal and Demography of Lichens. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
March 9
Dr. Stacey Rosenbaum. Univeristy of Chicago. Three Males and a Baby: The Ontogeny and Function of Male-infant Relationships in Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei). A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
March 16
Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore. University of Manitoba. Phylogenetic Studies and Photobiont Selection in Cladonia. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
March 23
Dr. Stephen Acabado. University of California Los Angeles. The Ifugao After Spanish Conquest: Colonization and Identity Formation. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
March 30
Dr. Christiane Denys. Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle. Taxonomy and Evolution of African Rodents: How Morphological Trees Hide the Molecular Forest. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
April 6
Dr. Derek Briggs. Yale University. Early Paleozoic Evolution of Major Invertebrate Groups - New Evidence from Exceptionally Preserved Fossils. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
April 13
Dr. Peter Day. University of Sheffield. Palaces and Beyond: Analysing Pottery from the NE Peloponnese and Saronic Gulf, Greece, at the End of the Mycenaean Period. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
April 20
Dr. Sebastian Kvist. Univeristy of Toronto. The Evolution of Bloodfeeding in Leeches: From Taxa to Transcriptomes. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
April 27
Dr. Charles Cannon. The Morton Arboretum. Assisted Diversification in an Era of Habitat Extinction. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
May 4
Dr. Brant Faircloth. Louisiana State University. Capturing Darwin's Dream. BioSynC Large Conference Room.
May 11
Dr. Rob Guralnick. University of Florida. A New Vast Machine: Assessing Global Change Impacts on Biodiversity. Bill Stanley Classroom.
May 18
Dr. Robin O'Keefe. Marshall University. The Evolution of Filter Feeding in Aristonectine Elasmosaurs (Plesiosauria): New Discoveries from Chile and Antarctica. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
May 25
Dr. Michael Velbel. Michigan State University. Fate and Transport of Solutes in Asteroidal Aquifers -or- Mineral Chemistry Tells Us What Was in the Water on the Parent Body/Bodies of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
June 1
Dr. Bruce Patterson. The Field Museum. Critical Episodes in the Evolution of South American Mammals. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.
June 8
Dr. Imke Schmidt. Goethe Universität Frankfurt. Environmental Adaptation in Symbiotic Fungi. A. Montgomery Ward Hall.

Other Recent Speakers

Fall 2015

  • Mark Fishbein
  • Kevin Burns
  • Rosemary Grant
  • James McKenna
  • Volker Knoop
  • Emily McTavish
  • Ali Nabavizadeh
  • Kathleen Kay
  • Rob Wasserstrom
  • Nathan Whelan
  • Charles Marshall
  • Graham Slater

Winter/Spring 2015

  • Link Olson
  • Jill Pruetz
  • Casey Holliday
  • Surya Snatta Rout
  • Hillary Maddin
  • John McCormack
  • David Hughes
  • Mark Higgins
  • Peter Marra
  • David Lohman
  • Lane Beckes
  • Christopher Dick
  • Corrie Moreau
  • Termeh Shafie
  • Thorsten Lumbsch
  • Carmen Soriano
  • Katrina Jones
  • Adam Smith

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