A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar Series

The A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar is The Field Museum's weekly academic seminar series. Talks are at noon on Wednesdays, and feature speakers from around the world presenting their research on topics related to the museum's research and conservation activities. Since 2005, over 300 speakers have presented talks in the series. Typically, the audience primarily consists of Field Museum curators, collection managers, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students, although faculty and students from Chicago-area colleges and universities, museum docents, and other museum staff sometimes attend as well. For more information on the seminar series, to suggest a speaker, or if you are coming from outside of the museum and need access to the seminar room, contact Abigail Derby Lewis, John Terrell , Matt von Konrat, Ken Angielczyk, or Corrie Moreau.

Be sure to check this page regularly for additions and updates to the schedule.

Fall 2015

Sept. 2
No Seminar.
Sept. 9
Dr. Mark Fishbein. Oklahoma State University. Milkweed Phylogenetics and Systematics. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 16
Dr. Kevin Burns. San Diego State University. Diversification of Tanagers, the Largest Radiation of Neotropical Songbirds. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 23
Dr. Rosemary grant. Princeton University. FMWIS Yearly Symposium Speaker: In Search of the Causes of Evolution. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Sept. 30
Dr. James McKenna. University of Notre Dame. Breastsleeping: Humankind's Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement (Back to the Future). Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 7
No Seminar.
Oct. 14
Dr. Volker Knoop. Unviersity of Bonn. Inventing Vascular Plants Came With Surprising Changes in Molecular Evolution of Mitochondrial and Chloroplast DNAs More Than 300 Million Years Ago. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 21
Dr. Emily Jane McTavish. University of Kansas.Gathering, Updating, and Calibrating Phylogenies for the Open Tree of Life. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Oct. 28
Dr. Ali Nabavizadeh. Univeristy of Chicago. Anatomical Evolution of Craniofacial Musculature in Large Herbivorous Mammals and Dinosaurs: From Dissection to Paleoreconstruction. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Nov. 4
Dr. Kathleen Kay. Univeristy of California, Santa Cruz. Patterns and Mechanisms of Plant Diversification Across Two Biodiveristy Hotspots. BioSynC Large Conference Room.
Nov. 11
Dr. Rob Wasserstrom. Terra Group. Lost in Space: Reclaiming Native History in the Western Amazon. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Nov. 18
No Seminar.
Nov. 25
No Seminar.
Dec. 2
Dr. Nathan Whelan. Auburn University. TBA. Montgomery Ward Hall.
Dec. 9
Dr. Charles Marshall. University of California, Berkeley. Diversity Dynamics and Diversity Dependence: What Can We Learn from Molecular Phylogenies, the Fossil Record, and the Hawaiian Archipelago? Montgomery Ward Hall.
Dec. 16
Dr. Graham Slater. University of Chicago. TBA. Montgomery Ward Hall.


Other Recent Speakers

Winter/Spring 2015

  • Link Olson
  • Jill Pruetz
  • Casey Holliday
  • Surya Snatta Rout
  • Hillary Maddin
  • John McCormack
  • David Hughes
  • Mark Higgins
  • Peter Marra
  • David Lohman
  • Lane Beckes
  • Christopher Dick
  • Corrie Moreau
  • Termeh Shafie
  • Thorsten Lumbsch
  • Carmen Soriano
  • Katrina Jones
  • Adam Smith


Fall 2014

  • Rhett Butler
  • Shan Huang
  • Jessica Heilmann
  • Jun Kimura
  • Phil DeVries
  • Ekaphan Kraichak
  • Lacey Knowles
  • Paige West
  • Pier Nimis
  • Tim Wooton
  • John VandenBrooks
  • Felix Grewe
  • Juan Larrain
  • Liliana Davalos

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