Youth Design Team: Summer 2011

Youth Design Team: Summer 2011

Youth Design Team: Summer 2011 was the second Youth Design Team and the first time the teens were able to work outside of the school year. This was made possible through a collaboration with The Pearson Foundation's New Learning Institute. Teens experimented with different forms of media and from their experiences, chose what they wanted to do their final project on. Here are some of the projects students created:

Field Stories

Field Stories gives you a look at the story behind the fossils, exhibits, and stuffed animal skins. Field Stories is a multimedia Tumblr blog that shares the experiences of students, scientists and visitors at The Field Museum. You can check out the website at this link: Field Stories

Abstract Comprehension

Abstract Comprehension is a short hip-hop album based on the four divisions of science at The Field Museum. It is by a YDT teen, better known by his stage name, “Parthenon.” Each division (Zoology, Geology, Botany, and Anthropology) has a track devoted to it. The album can be found at Parthenon's website: Abstract Comprehension

The Dinosaur Whisperers

The Dinosaur Whisperers is a video series by two of the YDT teens about all the “secret” goings-on at the museum when the lights go out. The Dinosaur Whispers can communicate with SUE the T. rex and the other Field dinos through special powers. Below is a video of SUE the T.rex’s special music video the whispers made, titled “Ima Eat Your Face.” The Dinosaur Whisperer's website can be found here: Dinosaur Whisperers

The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side

"The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side" is a proposed interactive station that would show a series of videos. The participant steps on the paw print of an animal and a video about that animal will play. Each video explains the effects of environmental destruction and the significance of that animal to nature and to humans. You can watch one of the videos here:

Recycling Game

This is an interactive programmed using a development tool called Scratch. You must choose to trash or recycle four items: paper, steel, plastic and batteries. Each choice causes different facts to pop up. Try it out.

Scratch Project