Back from China




...And I am still trying to wrap my head around it.  Years ago I was very lucky to get to travel to Beijing to prepare for an exhibition we did on the Forbidden City.  



Shortly after that I got to go to Taipei for a conference on the Emperor Qian Long (who we featured in the show).  



This time, my third in China, we visited the cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou, with a day trip to Ningbo.  I'm in the process of putting together a slide show that synthesizes my thoughts on how China's contemporary culture does (and doesn't) reflect its past.  It's the kind of question that a scholar could devote her or his life to, so the analysis contained in my powerpoint presentation probably won't significantly add to humankind's understanding of China's history.  However, it's still a good exercise to go through so I am in the process of grouping my images into different sections, based on the theme that I think they illustrate.  This sounds boring, but the pictures will be pretty nice.  Here, in advance of that report, is a sampling.  (Roll over photos for captions)