Father's Day at the Field

This Father's Day, take an outing to The Field Museum to explore our newest exhibits.  The Field Museum has several smaller special exhibits that are here for a limited time.  If you have not had a chance to visit lately, come explore!  These exhibits are included with your basic admission, so stop by the membership desk to pick up your Member Sticker and enjoy.

If you are looking for a last minute gift for Dad, a Field Museum Membership is a gift that he will enjoy all year!  Join today!

Science, Off Script: Teens Take The Field:

Follow some extremely cool teens through a hilariously frenetic, scientifically rigorous, totally creative 5-day summer filmmaking experience. Find out how teens talked a scientist into rapping, turned mummification into claymation, and had a Skype call with an ancient Egyptian. This ground-breaking Field Museum exhibition features original storyboards and props designed by youth, as well as real Museum artifacts and the ground-breaking scientific research that teens were allowed access to for their films.

Science, Off Script: Teens Take The Field is a chance to see The Field Museum’s collection and research like never before: through the eyes of teens. You’ll be amazed at the power of amateur film to change your perspective.

Fractured: North Dakota's Oil Boom:

Journey to the prairies of North Dakota with nationally acclaimed photographer Terry Evans and award-winning journalist and filmmaker Elizabeth Farnsworth and explore the impact of the current oil boom on the Williston Basin region. Most of the oil is obtained by fracking – injecting fluids into the ground to fracture oil shale – and this controversial practice brings welcome prosperity to some, but tragedy to others.  Through vivid photography and personal testimony, learn how this drilling process is irrevocably altering prairie habitats and could bring catastrophic global warming even closer; and also hear from the families and communities that benefit from this economic boon, which may help make the United States energy independent.  Follow these modern day explorers as they document the loss of a storied landscape to industry, and decide for yourself what the ultimate outcome should be.

Living with Wolves

Most commonly known as evil villains from childhood fairytales, wolves have long been the subject of strange myths, causing many humans to fear them. Opening March 22nd, Living with Wolves sets out to debunk cultural misconceptions of these elusive creatures. Living among a pack of wolves at the edge of Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness, Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent years in a tented camp intimately observing the social hierarchy and behavior of the famous Sawtooth Pack. Now exquisite, large-scale photographs bring you closer than ever before to each individual pack member, and invite you to explore each wolf’s role within their interconnected social group. Experience the selection of pack leaders, the birth of pups, and the mourning ritual following the loss of a pack member. Plus, learn how the reintroduction of wolves has played a key role in balancing and managing the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park and beyond.