He's the Director of The Field Museum Exhibitions Dept.



This guy is my boss.  His name is Jaap Hoogstraten.  A word on pronunciation. The double-a in "Jaap" is somewhere between the a in "what" and the a in "that," and the J is pronounced as a Y.  This gives us:  "Yahp."

He's an interesting guy.  And because I expect that he'll soon be reading this, I am tempted to say that he is the most interesting, most intelligent, bravest, kindest and best-looking person I've ever worked for. I could go on and on all day, except that I would not want to be perceived as kissing up to my boss.  For that reason, and because I have, in fact, worked for better-looking people, and because bonuses are pretty much unheard-of around here, I'll stop.

Here's some background that might help you decide if you'd like to Ask him Anything.

--  He's worked for the Museum since 2000. In his current position, which he's held for two and a half years, he runs the Exhibitions Department.

--  Born in Amsterdam, then lived in five different countries before graduating from high school in Cairo, Egypt.

--  One of his previous careers was creating and running a restaurant.

--  He holds a degree in Comparative Literature.

--  He rides to the Museum every day on a no-nonsense bicycle that closely approximates the archetypal Dutch black bike.  Utilitarian to a fault.

--  He spends a great deal of time creating budgets and schedules, but is also the final arbiter on just about every aspect of exhibition creation.  He could wield his awesome power if he really wanted to by adjusting my sentence structure or word choice, or by telling the designer to make the walls blue, but he doesn't do that very much, for which we are grateful.

--  In his spare time he creates music on GarageBand, which he freely admits sounds good probably only to him.


Go ahead.  Ask him anything.