Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011



When you take a picture of yourself you would like it’s you, but in reality it’s not you.   That’s because it’s two dimensional, it’s not showing all of you it’s only showing the part that’s exposed  to the camera.   A camera only gives you a two dimensional picture.   With all of this being said today we are becoming genealogists.   We will be showing how people are related.

We started off making our own family tree.   You started your family tree off, you are called the EGO, then you begin mapping out your brothers and sisters, if they are only half brothers and sister you draw a line in the middle.   Then you began to do this process with all of your family.

We went to the Sahamiena River to interview people.   This river is very important to them.   They wash there cloths in this river wash up, use it for drinking water and use it to grow rice.   There was washing clothes.   There were eleven children and five adults.   They were interviewed by Chap before and were familiar with him.   While I was observing them they acted like a regular family the boys were playing fight with each other, and the girls were watching the babies while their mom were busy washing their clothes.   What really caught my attention where these two little boys play fighting with each other.   They reminded me of my little brothers always hitting one another and running around.   This teaches me that no matter where you are boys will be boys!