Kenya Madagascar Expedition 2011

Today we went the market.   We had to walk 4 kilometers to get there.  Once there we walked around   looking at different stands and the things they were selling.  A lot of people were selling, peanuts, oranges, bananas, bread, soap, meats, live chicken, ducks, pigs, and some zebu.  There were stands were people could by clothes, hats, bags, jewelry, etc.  The market was very busy today, and crowded with a lot of people.  This reminds me of the flea market back home in Chicago.  It’s kind of like the market here, crowded with a lot of people, a lot different people selling you different things.  The only difference is there is no one trying to sell you live animals or meats in Chicago.  Just like he flea market, the market has a lot different things you can buy.  I’m a very picky person, but if I can live and survive here, then I know anyone can too, you just need an open mind and a different perspective of life.  All in all my day at the market was a day at the flea market, and I really enjoy both!